Feel You

You ever taken a moment to reflect on what makes the good guys good?

Like what did they do differently? Why are they best at that particular thing?

If you’re someone like me, you’d have done that a couple of times. Well, someone said one day that a single action is better than a thousand intentions. If you want to be good, why not act towards it?

I’m not going to abide by the disgusting cliché in vogue,  I’m not going to follow the same steps, I’m not going to be branded the same way, I’m not going to be a duplicate!

Those are the sort of words and thoughts that should go through our minds if at all we want to be better at something. Do Not do what those at the top are doing, do something entirely different so you’ll end up in ‘your own top’.

True me, you don’t wanna be a photocopy when you could be a beautiful original.

You’re different and unique, you can do anything. Go all out and applaud loudly for you! Embrace you, feel you! Be your number one fan!✔

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Hey there!

Allow me to speak to your soul! Permit me to state (without any intention of disrespect or disregard) that you are what is wrong with your life, and the world in general.

I respect your ability to identify and classify the problems, difficulties and setbacks facing the modern world. 

I respect the fact that you have absolute liberty of expression and most of all; Continue reading

I know what I’m doing

Many a times, we tend to feel as though we know what we’re doing, we want to go ahead and do those things in our minds because we feel we’re the only ones who got that vision.

We develop passion about our vision and go ahead to carry it out, not minding the consequences or thinking about the outcome.

Okay…. it’s like this; I  was with my friend three weeks ago, we were on our way to the bank when he told me he was planning on having one notebook for all courses. I said it wasn’t a good idea but he was already decided so I just watched him with his “I know what I’m doing” attitude.

Two days ago, his ‘one time’s notebook was stolen.

He was so shattered because he didn’t know how to start writing from scratch all eight courses.

It’s not bad to have independent opinions and ideas, but most times, Popularem sententiae numerare (people’s opinions count).

Hear what they have to say, consider their suggestions, think about the results then act accordingly.

That way, you’ll sure know what you’re doing.



The truth!

I’m sad, I’m tired! So many people have tried to change the truth, but each time they tried, they failed!

I’ve seen different things and I’ve heard as much as I’ve seen! Little of these contain the truth.

The other day, I was waiting to board a commercial motorcycle, beside me was an old woman with bags bigger than her, I was wondering how she was able to carry the bags to that point.

While still wondering, a young vibrant youth who would be mistaken for a tout came up to her and without saying a word, prostrated flat in front of the old lady and carried the two bags, placed her on the motorcycle, and sat behind her. She was surprised and I could tell. He didn’t care, he paid the rider and sat gently behind the woman and asked her where she was headed.

In tears she answered him and they set off.

He didn’t know her before, she didn’t know him before. The truth is that serving the nation was what he was about as I could see his very bright youth corps. uniform.

The truth is that his kind is rare.

The truth is that we all tend to misjudge people based on their appearance (which is a bad thing).

The truth is that he did it for no reward.

The truth is that you can be kind like that!

The truth is unavoidable, it stares us in the face everyday! We would think there’s nothing that really matters at that point in time, but the truth, the bitter truth is that one day, the truth will speak and silence all the lies forever and our lives will fall out of balance.

Stand with the truth!👌.






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What’s New About The Year?

I won’t be considered a serious inspirational blogger if I didn’t say something about the new year. Just so you know, if you have no expectations, be it little or large, for this new year, you are not a serious human.

Everything is new about this year, your lifestyle should be new, your goals should be fresh, your personality should be looked into. Even the year itself increases by 1.

If you’re going to buy a car this year, I believe the first day of the year is the best day to successfully convince yourself that your decision is right. Yes, there’s a lot of effects that the new year could bring.

A new year resolution is just really a wish list backed up by several forces, including faith, hope, zeal, energy, focus,among many others. These forces make that wish list so desirable that it becomes resolutions.

This is me inspiring you to go beyond the limits. Limits were set by people who got there so if someone can get there, you can do so and pass it too. Set YOUR own limit. 

If you’re going to hit it big this year, start telling yourself that already, start working towards it already. 

If you’re going to become a great person this year, start doing so already because we just may be saying hello to 2018 pretty sooner than expected.

Have fun, be merry, stay ahead of the game.

Donspiration wishes you a success filled year ahead.

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